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I am a specialist in modern cello playing. I strive to help my students develop technical proficiency and creative expression in order to become well rounded cellists in today's musical environment.

Lessons online!

I am pleased to now offer lessons to students anywhere in the world via Skype or google hangouts! All you need is a computer or device with a webcam!

These are some of the concepts and techniques that I teach:

  • Improvisation
  • Jazz
  • Playing the cello in rock/pop music settings
  • Singing and playing
  • Traditional tunes (Irish, European, American fiddle music, etc.)
  • Chopping on cello
  • Advanced pizzicato techniques
  • Playing chords and comping on cello
  • The never-ending scale exercise
  • Classical cello technique
  • Playing by ear
  • Extended techniques
  • Playing the cello in religious settings (contemporary and traditional) 

Please email me at dave@davehaugheymusic.com or head to the "Contact Me" page to request more info or to set up a lesson.


The Never-Ending Scale

The Never-Ending Scale is an exercise I developed to aid both classical and non-classical cellists. It is a new approach to playing scales which increases mobility around the instrument and simultaneously teaches about the relationships and similarities between all scales. It also is an excellent tool for improvisation.

I offer it here for free!  Feel free to contact me with any questions! Enjoy!

The Never-Ending Scale Exercise-pdf

Teaching Bio


I grew up studying the Suzuki  method and received training as a Suzuki teacher from the Chicago Suzuki Institute. I have a Bachelor's in Classical Cello Performance from the University of Northern Colorado, where I studied with Dr. James Fittz and David Chew. I have a Master's in Improvisation from the University of Michigan, where I studied improvisation with Geri Allen, composition with Dr. Andrew Bishop, and cello with Richard Aaron.  It is my firm belief that cellists today are not only expected to be proficient classical players, but contemporary players as well. This means we must learn from the numerous musical traditions that we encounter every day as well as those which might have been worlds away only 20 years ago, yet we now easily access at the tap of a finger. My goal as a teacher is to help my students combine all of these requirements and navigate the ever-changing musical world.

I have been teaching private lessons for over ten years. I have taught masterclasses and workshops in the public schools, at music camps, colleges, and at festivals around the world, including at the Berklee College of Music and The Rio International Cello Encounter.


My rates (all rates in US$): 

10 min-  $10 

15 min- $15

30 min- $30

45min- $45

60min- $60

Monthly- $100 for a half-hour lesson once a week

Monthly- $200 for an hour lesson once a week

--Don't let money stop you from seeking lessons! If the exchange rate is too nasty, or If you are experiencing financial hardship, I will be happy to offer a discount to help out.--