Lessons online!

I am pleased to now offer lessons to students anywhere in the world via Skype or google hangouts! All you need is a computer or device with a webcam!

These are some of the concepts and techniques that I teach:

  • Improvisation
  • Jazz
  • Playing the cello in rock/pop music settings
  • Singing and playing
  • Traditional tunes (Irish, European, American fiddle music, etc.)
  • Chopping on cello
  • Advanced pizzicato techniques
  • Playing chords and comping on cello
  • The never-ending scale exercise
  • Classical cello technique
  • Playing by ear
  • Extended techniques
  • Playing the cello in religious settings (contemporary and traditional) 

Please email me at dave@davehaugheymusic.com or head to the "Contact Me" page to request more info or to set up a lesson.